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Global Partners

The Liberti Churches are not simply concerned with compassion and care here in our local region. We believe that the joy and peace of Christ is good news for all people. We believe that we are called to partner with churches overseas for our mutual encouragement and help in growing as followers of Jesus Christ. Our priorities for overseas partnerships include:

  1. Being involved at the invitation of local peoples
  2. Church planting
  3. Emphasis on parts of the world where there is no active church presence

Liberti Church has overseas partnerships in:

  • Church & Community Development in Southern Sudan, with a World Harvest Mission team and ALARM.
  • Teaching & Training Pastor’s in Rwanda – Supporting the Marlin family with Africa Inland Mission (to find out more go to sendthemarlins.com).
  • Water is basic — www.waterisbasic.org  — provides clean drinking water to villages in South Sudan. Created, staffed and run by indigenous Sudanese men and women, it’s our privilege to partner with Water is Basic by providing funds to dig new water wells.

Members of Liberti, please contact us if you are interested in serving in one of these international ministries, or if you would like the church to explore involvement in another international ministry in some official capacity.