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HEAR and DO: A Study of James

James is a brief book that packs a powerful punch. Written by the brother of Jesus, James is a book about the active role we’re called to play as God’s people in the world.In the 108 verses of this part-wisdom literature, part-letter, there are no less than 50 imperatives. With memorable imagery and phrases, James calls his readers to be “hearers and doers” of God’s Word. To remember that “faith without works is dead,” and that “your life is a mist.”

Join us this Winter and Spring as we study the book of James. As it coincides with January’s month of prayer and awareness for mercy and justice issues, we’ll be challenged to mirror God’s heart for the marginalized through active faith. And as we begin the season of Lent, we’ll seek to heed James’ warnings against worldliness.


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