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Alive: Life in Light of Jesus’ Resurrection


Jesus is alive. Are we? 

Easter, of course, is primarily a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. However, because we, by faith, are united with Jesus, Easter is also a celebration of our own death and resurrection. His death is our death to sin. His resurrection is our resurrection to new life. We are, in Christ, now alive.

As Christians, though we believe this, we often find ourselves reduced to pale shadows of the men and women we are meant to be. We find ourselves still under the thumb of sin’s tyrannical rule,  reeking of death and decay. We desperately need the resurrection power of Jesus to be for us, not only acknowledged truth, but experiential reality. 

Beginning Easter Sunday, we invite you to join us on Sundays in April as we look at what Jesus’ resurrection means for our lives. In whatever specific way you feel like a pale shadow of the person you are meant to be, we hope this series will be an invitation and plea to come alive.


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