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Rhythms of Grace


“Like the God who created us, we nail down the disorder of our day into a framework of meaning. We simply can’t enjoy the freedom of life without a form, some skeletal structure on which to hang the flesh of our days. This dynamic operates not only in everyday living but also as we walk out our faith in Jesus Christ.” – Eugene Peterson


Each of us has day-in day-out habits or “rhythms” that form the structure of our lives. It’s inescapable. The question is, what are these rhythms and what are they forming in us?


The Scriptures teach us many practices that bring about our spiritual formation as disciples of Jesus Christ. As a church, we’re going to spend coming days exploring nine of these “rhythms of grace.”


If you’ve been part of Liberti Church, you’ve heard us talk a lot about our core values of worship, community and mercy. In considering these rhythms of grace, we want to spend some time examining the individual and corporate habits that will make worship, community and mercy not just theoretical values but truly embodied among us.


We invite you to join us in the coming weeks as we define each rhythm, study it’s biblical basis, and seek to put each into practice.


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