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Shaped by the Gospel: The Pastoral Heart of Paul in 1 & 2 Timothy

When the Apostle Paul is depicted in stained glass and iconography, he almost always has his hands full. Literally.

In one hand he holds a book or scroll – symbolic of all his writings and contributions to the New Testament. Nearly half of the 27 books, accounting for roughly a quarter of all the text of the New Testament, come from Paul. 

In his other hand, Paul holds a sword – symbolic of his martyrs death. Paul lost his life, reportedly by beheading, under Emperor Nero’s reign in Rome in the mid-to-late 60s AD.

If we know the Apostle Paul for anything, it’s this: he wrote and he suffered. After his radical conversion he became the Church’s foremost pioneer missionary across the first century Mediterranean world. He proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ, defended the faith, and suffered immensely. He addressed specific errors and articulated truths that continue to shape the doctrine and practice of Jesus’ Church nearly two centuries later.

But before we was ever recognized as a saint or etched into glass, Paul was a man. A man fighting to keep the faith. A man laboring to endure with genuine love. A man who poured out his life for others and becoming to them a spiritual father, friend, and pastor. 

Perhaps nowhere do we get a better glimpse of this pastoral heart of Paul than in the letters of 1 and 2 Timothy. Writing to his “beloved child,” and protege, Timothy, Paul offers guidance, protection, charges and encouragement – all flowing from an unmistakable posture of personal concern. As Paul’s last letter, 2 Timothy in particular reads like a farewell letter to a close friend. 

Join us this spring at Liberti Church as we explore 1 and 2 Timothy. Together we’ll not only be called to display tangible evidences of a gospel-shaped life, but by the example of Paul, we’ll be called to love and endure from a gospel-shaped heart. 

Sermon Schedule for 1 & 2 Timothy

  • February 3 | Gospel-Shaped Integrity 
  • February 10 | Gospel-Shaped Worship
  • February 17 | Gospel-Shaped Leadership 
  • February  24 | Gospel-Shaped Growth 
  • March 3 | Gospel-Shaped Relationships
  • March 10 | Gospel-Shaped Contentment
  • March 17 | Gospel-Shaped Fight
  • March 24 | Gospel -Shaped Conviction 
  • March 31 | Gospel-Shaped Focus
  • April 7 | Gospel-Shaped Persistence
  • April 14 | Gospel-Shaped Perseverance

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