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Opportunities to Connect

New to Liberti? Start Here:

Choose a 101 or 1-on-1
We encourage every visitor at Liberti Church to attend a Liberti 101 or request a 1-on-1 with a leader of our church.

Liberti 101
A Liberti 101 is a regular opportunity for visitors or those who have not yet connected with our church in meaningful ways to learn more and ask questions. This serves as a great mid-point between attending a worship service and attending an In-Covenant Class. See dates for upcoming 101s on our events page.

We want everyone who visits Liberti Church to have the opportunity to sit down with one of our church leaders to learn more about who we are and give us a chance to learn more about who you are. Request a 1-on-1 by emailing us.

Worship Services
We meet together every Sunday morning at 10:30am. In our worship services, we narrate and celebrate what God has done and is doing through Jesus Christ. We gather for song and prayer, confession, Scripture, and communion. Whether you are skeptical about Christian faith, curious about Christ, or a seasoned Christian, worship points us to what we all need: the Gospel.

Bible Studies
Bible Studies are opportunities for smaller pockets of men and smaller pockets of women to study scripture and gather with others for discussion, mutual discipleship and encouragement. Our aim is that these studies lead to both greater understanding and application of Biblical truth as well as deeper connections and relationships among men and women in our church.

Men’s & Women’s Ministry
Our Men’s and Women’s ministries exist to help us connect in unique and specific ways: for worship, for fun, for learning and growth. Each ministry hosts annual retreats and gathers together quarterly.

Next Generation Ministries
Our hope and expectation is that our children and students will come to know, believe, and experience the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We offer Liberti Nursery (birth-preK) and Kids (Kindergarten-5th grade) on Sunday mornings during our worship services. Liberti Students (grades 6-12) meet on the second and fourth Sundays of each month from 12:15-2:30pm at our church.

Seminars (Adult Education Opportunities)
It is our privilege as the local church to help equip our people with a solid Biblical framework for all areas of life: marriage, finances, parenting, health and wellness, etc. We offer seminars periodically throughout the year. Check out our events page to learn about the next one.

Serving at Liberti
We seek to serve both people in our congregation and our neighbors locally and around the world to extend God’s love. We encourage all regular attenders of Liberti to serve in at least one area of ministry at our church: Next Generation Ministries, Diaconate Teams, Men’s or Women’s Ministry, Set-Up and Welcome Teams, etc.

In-Covenant Class
At Liberti we use the term “In-Covenant” for our membership because we seek to model that same covenant love in our relationships together as a community. Several times a year, we offer a three-part class to introduce people at our church to the beliefs of Christian faith, and what it means to be a part of Liberti Church.