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Liberti Men


Our primary way of connecting in community is through Sunday gatherings and our Home Groups. However, we also have a Liberti Men‘s ministry that exists to connect men in unique and specific ways that align with the purpose and mission of Liberti Church.

Liberti Church seeks to live speak and serve as the very presence of Jesus for the Harrisburg region, that together we might enjoy the freedom of the gospel. We do we this by pursuing a lifestyle of worship, community and mercy. Through his finished work, Jesus sets us free to love God (worship), love each other (community) and love our neighbor (mercy).

So the purpose of everything we do at Liberti Church – gathered worship services, serving opportunities, men and women’s ministries – the purpose of all of it is to facilitate and further this pursuit of a lifestyle of worship, community and mercy.

Men’s ministry, likewise, shares this purpose. Our women gather together in various ways to pursue a lifestyle of worship, community and mercy.  Please contact us to learn more about our men’s ministry.