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Liberti Arts

The purpose of everything we do at Liberti Church – gathered worship services, serving opportunities, worship & arts, men and women’s ministries – the purpose of all of it is to facilitate and further this pursuit of a lifestyle of worship, community and mercy.

Liberti Arts is no exception, we exist for artists and appreciators of art who wish to use their time and talents to enhance worship in our church, help build community, and redeem the culture in our sphere of influence.

We desire, in some small way and on a local level, to help the Church reclaim its important role of creating substantive and non-derivative art—a role that slowly began eroding after the Reformation and continued through the Enlightenment and on to today. 

We worship the Creator, therefore we should not abdicate our creative impulses. Rather we should bring glory to God by using our creativity.

Contact Jen Everett to learn more about the creative arts at Liberti.