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Our desire to know and be known is central to who were are as humans. God created us to be relational. To be known by another and to have someone to know affirms our personal value. It proclaims to our hearts, “I matter.”

But in God’s design, our value is established in that we are created in His glorious image. And while we have fractured that image through sin, our value is then re-affirmed in dramatic fashion as we are redeemed by God’s only son, Jesus, through his life, death and resurrection. In this, we are forgiven, reconciled to God; a broken relationship restored.

So for each of us (and this is critical to the heart of our hopes for Home Groups), to know and be known is not just for our own encouragement and growth, but with a purpose to be shaped by the gospel such that we become what pastor Tim Keller refers to as “gospel-driven culture makers.” He says this:
“You are a culture maker. You make culture everyday in the way you spend your money, use social media, treat your doorman, interact with friends, and perform at work. This gospel movement starts with you.”

In other words, there are implications if the gospel is true. Is that evident in your life? Is that evident in my life? For this to be so, we desperately need one another. We hear encouragements in scripture like Hebrews 10: 24-25:
“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.”

In light of this, we believe that Home Groups are critical in the life of Liberti Church. The question is how to do this well.

The first is simply to limit the size of the groups. While there are some obvious logistical advantages to this, more importantly, the nature of relationships we desire demands this. We are going to make effort to keep group sizes to around 10 individuals – men and women – who, as much as possible live in close geographical proximity to one another.

The second component boils down to a call to action. Our Home Groups will only ever be what we personally make them to be. This requires not only an intentional, consistent relational connection but preparation. So the call to action is quite simply, if you join a Home Group we ask that you show up and be ready!  Rather than a mandate, this is a plea. We need each other.

And so ultimately, more than creating a common relational and spiritual touch point in the week, we are longing to reconnect Home Groups to our mission as a church. We long to be a people so impacted by the beauty and wonder of the gospel in our own lives and in our church community, that we are propelled out to love our neighbors with a holy anxiety that they too would know Christ and be saved. That they would taste of true freedom in Christ.  A freedom that no other pursuit can offer.

This is why we gather. Join us in this shared vision and hope.

Interested in joining a Home Group? Click here.